The Academy’s Professional Certification Training Program is designed for health care professionals, coaches, and educators who wish to most effectively utilize the power of imagination to enhance optimal health, healing, and growth.

Many people spend a great deal of time in their imagination, mostly by worrying. Few realize that what they worry about is happening only in their imagination, not in the real world. Yet, they poison the present moment by regretting the past (which they can’t repeat) or by fearing the future (which is a total fantasy since it hasn’t happened yet.)

What many also fail to appreciate is the fact that imagery has physiological consequences. If you vividly think about how sour it tastes when biting on the slice of a juicy, yellow lemon, you’ll soon begin to salivate. Even thought the lemon is not real, your body generates real saliva in response to the thought. If people can actually worry themselves sick, why can’t they think themselves well and experience extraordinary positive benefits as a result.

The Academy’s Professional Certification training program will teach you how to use Interactive Guided Imagerysm to greatly enhance health and healing, relieve pain and other symptoms, overcome addictions, resolve inner conflicts, meet and work with an Inner Advisor, tame an Inner Critic, enhance creativity, deal more effectively with chronic illness, death, and dying, and explore a sense of life purpose for yourself and others.

Make Your Practice More Efficient and Effective

After receiving Academy training in how best to use Interactive Guided Imagerysm, therapists, coaches, and counselors have discovered new ways to empower, educate, and introduce clients to their own inner wisdom and decision-making abilities through this work. Psychologists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals report that they can now engage their patients in dedicated self-care in a way they had never been able to do before, and coaches are able to motivate their clients when all else has failed.

The unique interactive guiding style that the Academy has developed and refined avoids the manipulation and transference issues that concern many contemporary therapists who are interested in hypnosis and other suggestive mind/body techniques. Interactive Guided Imagery
sm teaches clients how to decipher the important meaning of their own internal imagery and how to dialogue with it in a meaningful and powerful way that optimizes the body’s remarkable healing abilities.

Teaching clients to use their own imagination in this interactive way results in a shorter but more effective overall treatment time without sacrificing the depth and emotion so central to therapeutic growth.

Since imagery is the dominant natural language of the unconscious, the clinical applications of imagery for unresolved psychological issues are boundless. We invite you to review the information on this website to see how Interactive Guided Imagery
sm addresses most of the major issues confronted in clinical practice and how it can significantly add to your professional and personal satisfaction and success.

A unique combination of convenient home-study modules along with 52 hours of small group supervised workshops assures thorough training with a high level of specific relevance to your practice.

The home-study portions of the program are presented in a self-paced environment using audio, video and reading materials. Practice exercises, self-exams, and demonstrations are an essential part of this learning process.

The on-site “live”
Preceptorship portions of the program offer the unique opportunity to practice and enhance your imagery skills under the supportive guidance and experienced direction of our clinical faculty.

Experience The Joy of Inner Discovery With Your Clients

Enrolling in Professional Certification Training in Interactive Guided Imagerysm(IGIsm) is the best way to master this leading edge method for using the power of the mind to stimulate healing, personal growth and creativity.

Certification training is an uplifting, personally meaningful educational experience that provides graduates with a unique way to prepare people for surgery or other stress-related experiences and to treat people with stress-related symptoms, chronic pain, trauma, physical and life-threatening illnesses, addictions, anxiety, depression, and a host of other medical and psychological challenges.

Through the use of Interactive Guided Imagery
sm, clients who have felt hopeless and powerless learn to connect deeply with their inner thoughts, feelings, history and wisdom, and become inspired to take the steps needed to move out of their suffering and confront their challenges head=on.

This level of healing can often affect their physical well-being. Sometimes physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing is complete, and sometimes it is not. In nearly all cases, however, this type of inner work consistently results in happier and more positive life experiences for those who engage the process.

The thousands of health professionals who have taken AGI courses over the last 30+ years tell us that this work rekindles the joy they feel in helping people become their best selves. For testimonials,
click here.

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