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The Academy for Guided Imagery Announces Major Tuition Cuts On All Guided Imagery Courses and The Lowest Certification Tuition Ever!
No travel required! Students can now take all classes from their home or office via Distance Learning, and attend the live Preceptorships via online interactive video webinars.

Thanks to new internet communication technologies, we’ve significantly reduced the costs of providing personalized training to our students without losing any of the quality and effectiveness of our highly rated programs.

As a temporary experiment, we are happy to pass these savings on to new students who enroll in our 2017 classes with the hope that it will make this invaluable training available for many more health care providers and educators whose patients and clients will benefit immensely from their increased expertise with imagery. For us, it’s the greatest way we can help the greatest number of people.

Tuition for our 13 hour introductory program (FIGI) is now only $99.95 (formerly $195). Such a deal! Even better, the tuition for our 150 hour Professional Certification Training Program (usually $3495) has been reduced $2000 to $1495 with extended payments as low as $177/month for nine months. 

By enrolling in Profession Certification Training, you will learn how Interactive Guided Imagerysm can be used to:

• Create and explore a personal inner imaginary place that is very beautiful, peaceful, safe, secure, private, and free from pain and stress where you  can rest, relax, meditate, and heal (Personal Place Imagery).

• Evoke an emotional quality or feeling state that will support any personal challenges faced (i.e. how to get more courage, strength, patience, creativity, energy, etc.) (Evocative Imagery).

• Communicate with the head of your inner cheerleading team who is a source of great personal knowledge and wisdom, and an invaluable helper in taming an inner critic (Inner Advisor Imagery).

• Discover the etiologic source of why you feel the way you do by using Affect Bridge Imagery to return to the first time you felt that way. Once there, you can review that event from a more contemporary adult perspective (Regression Imagery).

• Resolve resistance and iinner conflicts that can sabotage success in any weight control, drug or alcohol dependence, smoking cessation, or exercise training program (e.g., one part of you wants to quit while another part doesn’t want to) (Resistance Imagery).

• Meet your inner child or even your inner children and learn how to catch them up with what’s happened in your life (Inner Child Imagery).

• Teach pediatric imagery to real children to help reduce their anxiety associated with medical procedures and cope more effectively with pain, stress, and trauma (Pediatric Imagery).

• Help heal the emotional wounds in yourself or others who are survivors of adult or childhood trauma (PTSD Imagery).

• Relieve pain and other symptoms and improve tolerance of medical procedures in people with cancer, chronic pain, AIDS, and other catastrophic and life-threatening illnesses (Somatic Imagery).

• Support dying patients and their caregivers, and help family members move through the predictable stages of grieving following loss (Transformational Imagery).

To qualify for this special tuition discount, you must enroll in Certification Training or the Imagery Courses you wish to take before May 15, 2017, when this tuition discount ends, and complete all training requirements no later than December 31, 2017.

If you've ever thought about getting Certified by the Academy, here's the best opportunity ever to join our 2017 class at the lowest tuition ever offered. 

International students, those with disabilities or ongoing family or work responsibilities can now actively participate online without having to travel to Los Angeles. For more information and the requirements for attending the live Preceptorships online, click here.

If you'd like to become recognized as an expert in using guided imagery and enjoy all the other 
benefits of Academy Certification, we encourage you to register right away, for available space is limited and with this discount offer, we expect our 2017 class to fill quickly. 

To find out more about this special offer or to enroll now, 
click here

The New Imagery Store
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The Imagery Store is has a New & Improved Design Containing a Variety of Guided Imagery Experiences!

Check out the many new offerings in the Academy's Imagery Store if you'd like to experience some of the best guided imagery audios for reducing anxiety, managing stress, controlling pain, improving sleep, overcoming chronic fatigue and panic attacks, preparing for surgery or chemotherapy, and for enhancing creativity and problem solving abilities. To visit the Imagery Store, click here.

All Academy Training Now Online With Rave Reviews
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Both our students and faculty have been raving about the advantages of using the latest interactive video conferencing technology for Academy Preceptorships. This technology has allowed us to reduce our 26-hour hands-on training program from four full days spent in Los Angeles to three days you can attend online from anywhere with high speed internet access, and computer, webcam, and USB headset.

Here’s what several participants had to say about their experience:

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