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Enroll in the World’s Most Prestigious Guided Imagery Training Program
The Academy’s Professional Certification Training Program is designed for health care professionals, coaches, and educators who wish to most effectively utilize the power of imagination to enhance optimal healing and health.

Many people spend a great deal of time in their imagination, mostly by worrying. Few realize that what they worry about is happening only in their imagination, not in the real world. Yet, they poison the present moment by regretting the past (which they can’t repeat) or by fearing the future (which is a total fantasy since it hasn’t happened yet.)

What many also fail to appreciate is the fact that imagery has physiological consequences. If you vividly think about how sour it tastes when biting on the slice of a juicy, yellow lemon, you’ll soon begin to salivate. Even thought the lemon is not real, your body generates real saliva in response to the thought. If people can actually worry themselves sick, why can’t they think themselves well and experience extraordinary positive benefits as a result.

The Academy’s Professional Certification training program will teach you how to use Interactive Guided Imagerysm to greatly enhance health and healing, relieve pain and other symptoms, overcome addictions, resolve inner conflicts, meet and work with your Inner Advisor, tame your Inner Critic, enhance creativity, deal more effectively with chronic illness, death, and dying, and see to explore your sense of life purpose. For more information, please
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Check Out The Many New Offerings in The Imagery Store
The Imagery Store is Now Open To Download or Purchase CDs Containing a Variety of Guided Imagery Experiences.

Check out the new offerings in the Academy's Imagery Store if you'd like to experience some of the best guided imagery audios for reducing anxiety, managing stress, controlling pain, improving sleep, overcoming chronic fatigue and panic attacks, preparing for surgery or chemotherapy, and for enhancing creativity and problem solving abilities. To visit the Academy’s Imagery Store, click here.
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Free Guided Imagery Articles and Videos
Get Free Copies of Guided Imagery Articles and View Videos By AGI Faculty.

We are happy to provide those seeking more information about Interactive Guided Imagerysm with free copies of important articles by Academy faculty members. You can view them by clicking here.

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David E. Bresler, PhD,LAc,DiplAc(NCCAOM)
President and Co-Founder, Academy for Guided Imagery
Executive Director, The Bresler Center, West Los Angeles
Former Associate Clinical Professor in the
UCLA Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and
UCLA Department of Psychology, and Founder and
Executive Director of the UCLA Pain Control Unit.
Former White House Commissioner.

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