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Save $1000 on Tuition and Become Certified Online in
Interactive Guided Imagerysm
Students may now attend live preceptorships from any location that has access to high speed internet

If you've ever thought about getting Certified by the Academy, here's an outstanding opportunity to join our 2014 class and save a bunch of money ($1000 off regular tuition with extended payments as low as $315/mo for nine months). If you pay through PayPal's "Bill Me Later" option, you'll have no interest or fees with up to six months to pay!

In addition, for the first time, up to ten students may attend the two required 4-day live preceptorships online. International students, those with disabilities or ongoing family or work responsibilities can now actively participate online with others attending these Los Angeles workshops. For more information and the requirements for attending preceptorships online,
click here.

As part of this special discount offer, all Certification course and workshop materials are delivered online as pdf files. Lectures and demonstrations are delivered as mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) files. Students must have sufficient technical knowledge or assistance to download, print, and/or transfer these files to appropriate media (computers, tablets, smart phones, TVs) for their review. Students who are unable to do this, or those who prefer to have the Academy send them printed workbooks and pre-recorded CDs and DVDs must pay the regular tuition and shipping fees.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Due to the Jewish holiday, this year's Preceptorship 2 (originally scheduled from September 25th to September 28th) has been rescheduled and will be held in Los Angeles (or online) one week earlier from September 18th to Septembert 21st. Please adjust your calendar accordingly.

To qualify for this special tuition discount, you must enroll in Certification Training before May 1, 2014, and satisfactorily complete all training requirements by December 31, 2014. This discount will continue until our 2014 class is full or on May 1st, whichever is sooner, so don't wait to take advantage of this valuable offer.

If you'd like to become recognized as an expert in using guided imagery and enjoy all the other benefits of Academy Certification, we encourage you to register right away, for available space is limited and with the discount offer, classes tend to fill quickly.

Our website is getting 3000-5000 unique visitors per month and our online referral Directory of Imagery Practitioners is one of its most frequently visited pages. We need more certified practitioners to meet the increasing demand, so please consider this unique opportunity to enhance your guided imagery skills and join our 1200+ graduate Certified IGI Guidessm who are recognized as the best experts in this field.

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Former Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and
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Executive Director, UCLA Pain Control Unit.
Former White House Commissioner

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