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Stress Free Moments

Simple guided imagery techniques to help you with stress we face in today’s world.

Stress Free Moments (DB880) - 300x300

Contains twelve simple, quick, and easy guided imagery techniques to help you cope more effectively with many of the stress-related challenges we face in today’s world.

Listen to an audio sample from Track 2

These powerful visualization techniques use suggestion and the power of the mind/body connection to help your mind and body cope more effectively with stress and maintain the best mental, emotional, and physical health despite the stress and demands of these trying times.

Volume I
Track 1: The Clock [1:40]

Track 2: Energy Ball [4:34]

Track 3: Relax Your Body [11:23]

Track 4: Quiet Your Mind [9:06]

Track 5: Release Worries [9:16]

Track 6: The Sanctuary [8:05]

Volume II
Track 7: Hammock in the Woods [5:02]

Track 8: Letting Anger Go [5:57]

Track 9: Overcoming Anxiety [8:25]

Track 10: Relieving Tension [6:34]

Track 11: Problem Solving [6:34]

Track 12: Cabana in Tahiti [5:10]

Do not listen to this digital download while driving or while engaged in any other activity that requires your full and complete attention. Listen only when in a safe and protected environment.

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